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Bill Wallace and Tina Gibson spoke about how to conduct life sciences research at home.
Debbie Morgan hosts a class online
Linda sent her students all the materials they needed to make the best fried rice at home.
STEM Action Grantee, Youth Code Jam has launched a Virtual Hub, a free online learning center in response to COVID-19.
Various Science News articles have inspired student research projects in Jennifer’s classroom.
SNHSSNS_free resources
Two of Samuel's students with bat monitoring equipment on their school’s roof.

Getting batty about STEM

A group of Jeremy's students set up rodent traps.
students reading SN
Vince Joralemon (second from right) is a science and math teacher at Frank McCourt High School in New York City.
stem research grant grid
Demo Day is a community-wide festival where participants of Electric Girls’ Saturday Workshop program showcase what they’ve learned over the course of 12 weeks.