STEM Action Grants

The STEM Action Grant program provides small grants of up to $5,000 to innovative nonprofit organizations led by social entrepreneurs

The STEM Action Grant program aims to bolster and support community-driven nonprofit organizations that are working to enhance the public’s understanding of science and to increase participation of underrepresented populations in STEM fields. Since 2016, the Society has awarded $410,000 to 64 organizations wanting to improve access to STEM education.

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“The funding allowed our organization to provide the community with access to free STEM activities. We provided over 100 hours of STEM activities and five field trips designed to educate and inspire a population of youth who are historically underserved and underrepresented in STEM.”

Black Girls Dive

“Weeks before the scheduled program, Puerto Rico was devastated by two hurricanes, leaving much of the island was without power. However, a brave group from Guaynabo gathered technology and students together to participate in a virtual field trip. It was amazing to see the students so eager to learn in the midst of what was happening around them”

Virtual Field Trips

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Lead Advocate ScottiAnn Benton guides a group of students during a biology lesson.
A group of young girls sit on a dock and watch a dolphin swim by.


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