Top 40 high school scientists in prestigious Regeneron Science Talent Search to compete for $1.8 million in awards

The competition, now in its 83rd year, has consistently identified young innovators who combine their STEM talent with dedication and leadership skills to drive society forward.
2024 Regeneron Science Talent Search 40 finalists - photo grid of headshots

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Amanda Martinez poses in a black outfit.
2024 Science Talent Search finalist Alexis Li
Finalists work together on a group challenge at Thermo Fisher JIC 2023
When the moon passes in front of the sun, the moon casts its shadow on the Earth, blocking the view of our local star. This is a type of eclipse (seen here in an illustration).
Shanya Gill presenting her project at Public Day 2023
Six issues of Science News through history.
The Top 3 winners of the 2024 Regeneron Science Talent Search: Thomas Cong (2nd place), Achyuta Rajaram (1st place) and Michelle Wei (3rd place)
Linus Tang, Ella Pilacek and other finalists look out from the roof of the MLK Jr. Memorial Library.
Grant Wang presents his work with his nonprofit, ADG Voice, Inc.
Selina Zhang, inventor of an artificial tree which kills invasive spotted lanternflies, poses on a ski slope.
A collage of finalists swimming, gardening, making music and skiing.
Headshots of Lester Mackey, Emily Ocasio and Sneha Revanur