Financial Information

Society for Science’s Federal ID number is 53-0196483 and its Combined Federal Campaign number is 92454. The Society encourages support from organizations, corporations, and individual donors and members.

Financial Documents

In keeping with nonprofit standards and best practices, the Society is pleased to provide access to its recent financial documents and audit results to interested donors and other parties.

When reviewing, it should be noted that the Society has been fortunate to negotiate long term support arrangements from donors to help support its education programs. However, these transactions can create some confusion in reported financial results on the Form 990.

The Society books the value of long term pledges in the year they are received as temporarily restricted contributions. When the restrictions are met (either the time restriction expired or expenses have been recognized to meet the purpose restriction), these amounts are released to cover unrestricted operations.

This treatment, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, results in financial statement presentation fluctuations — a significant jump in financial position and results when the pledge is initially recognized, with shortfalls in future years as the Society releases and utilizes the restricted support for operations.










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