Executive Office

Maya Ajmera | President & CEO, Society for Science. Executive Publisher, Science News Media Group
Rachel Goldman Alper | Chief Operating Officer
Elaine Qualter | Strategic Operations Specialist
Debra Cannan | Executive Assistant

Executive Team

Dawn Abel | Chief Advancement Officer
Rachel Goldman Alper | Chief Operating Officer
Stephen Egts | Chief Design Officer
Michele Glidden | Chief Program Officer
Cait Goldberg | Chief of Event Planning and Operations
David Jenkins | Chief Financial Officer
Gayle Kansagor | Chief Communications & Marketing Officer
James C. Moore | Chief Technology Officer
Nancy Shute | Editor in Chief
Michael Gordon Voss | Publisher


David Jenkins | Chief Financial Officer
Ed Maxwell | Director of Finance
Nathan Bogart | Accounting Manager
Ramesha Rai | Staff Accountant


Dawn Abel | Chief Advancement Officer
Michele Brenner | Director of Advancement Operations
Shannon Giorgianni | Director of Philanthropic Partnerships
Tzeitel Fetter | Director of Alumni Relations
Eric Olson | Director of Annual Giving and Membership
Lisa Russell-Mina | Director of Major Gifts
Carole Russo | Director of Grants Administration
Peter Favret | Digital Fundraising Manager
Eddie Scott | Director of Strategic Partnerships of ISEF
Jackie Ludden Nardelli | Grants and Awards Manager
Emma Neely | Senior Specialist, Donor Research & Portfolio Management
Jack McAuliffe | Alumni and Donor Engagement Specialist
Ellin Rittler | Grant Writer

Communications & Marketing

Gayle Kansagor | Chief Communications & Marketing Officer
Tracy Lee | Director of Digital Products
Eric Nguyen | Director of Social Media & Speech Writer
Aparna K. Paul | Director of Communications
Kevin Easterly | Communications Specialist
Lucy Curtis | Communications Associate


Stephen Egts | Chief Design Officer
Nancy Baden Moulding | Design Operations Director
Tracee Tibbitts | Design Director
Chang Won Chang | Art Director
Byron Soto | Art Director
Brody Price | Assistant Art Director

Events and Operations

Cait Goldberg | Chief of Event Planning and Operations
Maja Dziemianowicz | Director of Events and Operations
William Greer | Events and Operations Associate
Susan Li | Administrative Assistant
Malek Petit-Homme | Operations Technician
Paul Roger | Facilities Lead Specialist

Human Resources

Lynn Davis | Human Resources Director


James C. Moore | Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Berman | Director of Web Applications
Pratham Patkar | Director of Business Systems
Ricardo Gortaire | IT Manager
Nebiat Kassahun | IT Project Manager
Christopher Jones | .NET Developer
Kamal Quarles | IT Specialist
Krystal Robinson | Senior Database Development Manager
Brandy Boyd | Database Administrator
Quinn Gooden | Business Analyst

Science Education Programs

Michele Glidden | Chief Program Officer
Anna Pawlow | Director of STEM Literacy & Curriculum
Allie Hewlett Stifel | Director of the Regeneron Science Talent Search
Raeva Ramadorai | Director of Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge
Sharon Snyder | Director of International Fairs and Volunteer Recruitment
Caitlin Sullivan | Director of Outreach & Equity Programs
Hunter Hart | ISEF Program Manager
Elaine Edwards | Regeneron Science Talent Search Senior Specialist
Jinny Farrell | Senior Specialist for International Fairs
Emily Freeland | Outreach & Equity Programs Senior Specialist
Nora Kelly | Affiliated Fair Network Senior Specialist
Lori Dixon | Specialist for Judging
Alex Grace | Thermo Fisher JIC Specialist
Raina van Duym | Science News Learning Senior Specialist
Koyinsola Ajayi | Associate Specialist
Liam Chambers | Associate Specialist
Yolanda Payne | Invention Education Fellow
Erin O’Brien | SEP Data Analyst

Science News Media Group

Michael Gordon Voss | Publisher
Nancy Shute | Editor in Chief


Macon Morehouse | News Director
Christopher Crockett | Associate News Editor
Ashley Yeager | Associate News Editor
Demian Perry | Digital Director
Helen Thompson | Multimedia Editor
Brandon Standley | Audience Engagement Editor
Abby Wallace | Digital Engagement Producer
Erin Wayman | Managing Editor, Print & Longform
Cassie Martin | Deputy Managing Editor
Karen Kwon | Research and Special Projects Editor
Aina Abell | Editorial Assistant

Lisa Grossman | Astronomy
Bruce Bower | Behavioral Sciences
Aimee Cunningham | Biomedicine
Carolyn Gramling | Earth & Climate
Susan Milius | Life Sciences
Tina Hesman Saey | Molecular Biology, Senior Writer
Laura Sanders | Neuroscience, Senior Writer
Emily Conover | Physics, Senior Writer
Sujata Gupta | Social Sciences
Nikk Ogasa |  Staff Writer
Erin Garcia de Jesús | Staff Writer
Meghan Rosen | Staff Writer
Contributing Correspondents – Laura BeilTom SiegfriedAlexandra Witze

Advertising and Subscriber Services

Daryl Anderson | Senior Media Sales Manager
John Pierce | Senior Marketing Manager

Science News Explores

Janet Raloff | Editor, Digital
Sarah Zielinski | Editor, Print
Jill Sakai | Managing Editor
Maria Temming | Assistant Managing Editor
Lillian Steenblik Hwang | Associate Digital Editor
Aaron Tremper | Editorial Assistant