Shannon Giorgianni

Shannon Giorgianni, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships, is charged with growing Society for Science’s giving from institutional and family foundations, as well as corporate foundations. She also works on special projects as they arise in the Executive Office.

Shannon began her career in academic science, driven by a love of biological systems, particularly the beauty and complexity of embryogenesis. While in graduate school, Shannon worked with youth on the south side of Chicago at Chicago Youth Programs and, almost inadvertently, ignited a passion for community service. That passion led her first into science education, as a Teacher, Dean and Science Department Chair at Trevor Day School in NYC, and then non-profit youth services and development, as the Options Program Manager and Development Coordinator at Operation Fresh Start in Madison, Wisconsin. Shannon is thrilled to be at Society for Science and have the opportunity to broaden the scope of her community service impact, while drawing on her passion for science to help promote its understanding, appreciation and the crucial role it plays in human progress.

Shannon earned her B.S. in Biology/Dramatic Art from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from the University of Chicago.