Regeneron STS 2023 Application Now Closed!

Regeneron STS has identified future leaders in STEM since 1942. High school seniors living in the United States, and US citizens living abroad, who have completed independent research projects are encouraged to apply online for the chance to win up to $250,000!

The Regeneron STS 2023 Application closed on November 9, 2022. Stay tuned for the top 300 and top 40 announcements in January!

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The Nation’s Oldest and Most Prestigious Science and Mathematics Competition

Started in 1942 as the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, the Regeneron Science Talent Search (Regeneron STS) recognizes and empowers our nation’s most promising young scientists who are developing ideas that could solve society’s most urgent challenges.

Each year, nearly 1,900 students enter the Regeneron STS, submitting original research in critically important scientific fields of study. Unique among high school competitions, the Regeneron STS focuses on identifying, inspiring, and engaging the most promising scientists among the nation’s high school seniors.

How to Compete:

Important Dates for 2023

STS Application Period

June 1-November 9, 2022

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Top 300 Scholars Announced

Tuesday, January 10 at noon ET

Top 40 Finalists Announced

Tuesday, January 24 at noon ET

Regeneron STS Finals Week

March 8-15, 2023

Public Exhibition of Projects

Sunday, March 12

Winners Announced at Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, March 14

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Highlights from 2022

2022 Regeneron Science Talent Search Top 3 Winners

Congratulations Top Regeneron Science Talent Search Winners!

Regeneron and Society for Science announced the top ten winners of the Regeneron Science Talent Search, headed by Christine Ye, 17, of Sammamish, Wash., who won the $250,000 top award.

See the press release and view the full list of top ten winners

Watch the Awards Ceremony

Learn more about the winners projects by visiting the Virtual Public Exhibition of Projects!

Science Talent Search 2022 Public Day, Sunday March 13th

Save the dates: Regeneron Talent Search virtual events!

Join us on March 13 from 2-4 Eastern for the Regeneron STS Virtual Public Exhibition of Projects. The finalists will be available to answer questions about their research.

Congratulations to the 2022 STS Finalists!

Congratulations Regeneron STS 2022 Finalists!

We are excited to introduce the 2022 Regeneron STS Finalists! They represent 37 schools across 19 states and are competing for more than $1.8 million, with a top prize of $250,000. The 40 finalists were selected from 300 scholars and 1,804 entrants based on the originality and creativity of their scientific research, as well as their achievement and leadership both inside and outside of the classroom.

Congratulations to the 2022 Regeneron Science Talent Search scholars.

Regeneron STS 2022 Top 300 Scholars Announced!

Congratulations to the Regeneron STS 2022 Top 300 Scholars! These future leaders in STEM represent 185 American and International high schools in 37 states and three countries, including three homeschools. Learn more here and view the press release here!

2022 STS Finalist Nyasha Nyoni

Nyasha Nyoni, Regeneron STS Finalist 2022

I believe students should apply to STS because STS is such a great opportunity to showcase your scientific research and meet like-minded, passionate students who love science!

2022 STS Finalist Atreyus Bhavsar

Atreyus Bhavsar, Regeneron STS Finalist 2022

Students should apply to the Regeneron STS because it is an amazing opportunity to build community with some of the hardest-working student scientists. I encourage those to apply to the Regeneron STS while keeping in mind that you do not need to be the smartest in the room to apply, but instead the dedicated and passionate about science.

2022 STS Finalist Heloise Hoffmann

Heloise Hoffman, Regeneron STS Finalist 2022

“Not only did I gain incredible connections to cutting-edge researchers and the opportunity to meet with some of the most impactful scientists of our time, but I also made lifelong friendships with other like-minded students passionate about their work. Though STS is at its core a competition, nothing about our camaraderie felt competitive because we all felt so motivated by each other’s accomplishments and passions! I feel a renewed invigoration to follow my love for research to make a positive impact on the world, specifically in the curing of rare diseases.”

Carol Bauer in 1947 at Hydrocarbon Research, using a slide rule and drafting tools.

Carol Bauer, 1942 Westinghouse Science Talent Search

“At the time, majoring in engineering was a daring choice. My epxerience with the Westinghouse Science Talent Search gave me the confidence to make this decision.”

Amber Yang, 2017 Regeneron Science Talent Search

“The Science Talent Search is arguably the most reputable science competition for high schoolers in the entire world.”

From the Society Blog

Christine Ye, 1st place winner in Regeneron STS 2022
Amber Luo - 3rd place winner in STS 2022
Victor Cai - Regeneron STS 2022 2nd place winner

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