Jackie Ludden Nardelli

Jackie Ludden Nardelli joined the Society in 2021 as our Marketing Associate. Jackie has spent her career in and around the hospitality industry, working with restaurants and charities on marketing, PR, event management, and chef coordination with a customer service focus. Her event experience will make her right at home in helping out with the ISEF College Fair. Jackie will also be working with Daryl Anderson on Science News advertising sales, coordinating our licensing and royalties operations, and helping out with lots of other projects in the marketing department. She’s particularly excited about working on the Society Store.

Jackie is passionate about the DC Area and loved growing up on the Chesapeake Bay. She attended American University – go Eagles! – where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History.  She currently lives just outside the city in Prince George’s County Maryland with her husband and precocious daughter. In her free time she enjoys cooking, outdoor activities, laughter, and a good fire pit.