High school scientists and engineers win nearly $9 million at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair 2023

Congratulations to the top winners and to all finalists who competed in Regeneron ISEF 2023!
The ISEF 2023 Top Award Winners - Dallas, TX
The ISEF 2023 Top Award Winners - Dallas, TX Society for Science/Chris Ayers Photography

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Four photos in a collage. Upper left image is a scuba diver under water, upper right image is a ping pong ball and paddle on top of a ping pong table. Lower left image features four different colored Pokemon cards, lower right image is a diagram of a cross section of a human brain.
David Kent stands frowning next to the bicycle rack where his bike was stolen
Congratulations to the 2023 Regeneron STS Scholars!
Headshot of Gayle Wilson
An educator reading an issue of Science News
Teachers using Science News Learning
Mushrooms grow out of a leaf-covered log in a dark forest. Photo is from Creative Commons, no credit needed
Randy Williams and colleagues posing for a photo at a Regeneron STS gala.

In Memory of Randy C. Williams

Nathan Fellars smiling at his computer setup
The 2022 top 30 Broadcom MASTERS finalists gathered for a picture on George Mason University's campus in between challenges.
All thirty finalists, wearing their team colors, pose for a photo on a dock, with the Chesapeake Bay in the background