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Elizabeth Bieri smiling and holding a lizard
Three Regeneron Science Talent Search finalists, wearing masks, sit at a table facing a speaker (out of frame) during STS finals week
STEM Research kits including Arduino Starter Kits, PocketLab Voyagers, Trail Cameras, and LaMotte Water Monitoring kits.
A classroom bulletin board with a heading reading, "Knowledge is Power," with Science News articles posted below
Students studying at Elite Scholars Academy in Clayton, Georgia
Research Teachers Conference 2021
Students at The New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School participate in a science experiment.
Keynote speaker at MSRTC 2021
Advocate Nate Raynor works with students to help them enter top STEM competitions
Teachers meet in EventFarm and dance with their virtual avatars
Philly_Tournament - STEM action grant announcement
Shows a teacher using SNHS resources in the classroom during the pandemic