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Learn Fresh Education Company will receive a $5,000 grant to fund a Family Resource Center on the program’s online platform, as part of their broader initiative to implement NBA Math Hoops at home.
Kehkashan Khan adapted her in-class lessons for the virtual classroom by posting Science News articles and corresponding worksheets online.
Patrycja Krakowiak's classroom
Andrea Distelhurt students
Bill Wallace and Tina Gibson spoke about how to conduct life sciences research at home.
Debbie Morgan hosts a class online
Linda sent her students all the materials they needed to make the best fried rice at home.
STEM Action Grantee, Youth Code Jam has launched a Virtual Hub, a free online learning center in response to COVID-19.
Various Science News articles have inspired student research projects in Jennifer’s classroom.
SNHSSNS_free resources
Two of Samuel's students with bat monitoring equipment on their school’s roof.

Getting batty about STEM

A group of Jeremy's students set up rodent traps.