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Amy Chyao, the first winner of the Gordon E. Moore Award in 2010
From left to right: Varun Madan, Saan Cern Yong, Sheng Ze Yeoh and Sharon Snyder in Leiden, Netherlands for the 2022 EUCYS
Regeneron STS 2023 Finalists Ishika Nag (left) and Vivian Wu (right) share a love of animals.
Thomas Aldous, the winner of the Society for Science Samueli Foundation Prize
Illustrations of 2023 STS finalists Kamisi Adetunji (left) and Ariella Blackman (right), created by artist Amy Wike.
White House Photo Gallery - Presidents Bush, Kennedy, Obama, Truman, Clinton and Eisenhower pictured in collage format
Headshot of Gayle Wilson
Christine Ye, 1st place winner in Regeneron STS 2022
Amber Luo - 3rd place winner in STS 2022
Victor Cai - Regeneron STS 2022 2nd place winner