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Peter Hotez stands smiling in front of a bookshelf.
Headshots of the six alumni Marshall scholars
Covers for the five books described in the article.
An image with six photos, of each of the new alumni added to the Notable Alumni list
Image of three 30 Under 30 honorees with the Forbes logo in the corner
A portrait of Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford
A person on the street carries a heart-shaped balloon with a rainbow pattern.
Society for Science alumna Anjali Chadha, Kavya Kopparapu, Magan Lewis and Erin Smith spoke with Lyda Hill Philanthropies CEO Nicole Small during the Women in STEM panel at Regeneron ISEF 2023
Amy Chyao, the first winner of the Gordon E. Moore Award in 2010
From left to right: Varun Madan, Saan Cern Yong, Sheng Ze Yeoh and Sharon Snyder in Leiden, Netherlands for the 2022 EUCYS