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Dianne K. Newman Gordon M. Binder/Amgen Professor of Biology and Geobiology, Caltech
Marian Bechtel from MSRTC on demand session
headshot of Wei-Hwa Huang
Mihir Joshi with 3D printed doll
Ray Kurzweil, Cofounder and Chancellor of Singularity University, Director of Engineering at Google
Mary Zhu, Society alum
Feng Zhang, Core Institute Member at the Broad Institute and Professor at MIT
Zoe Weiss
During Virtual Regeneron ISEF, Tina Hesman Saey spoke to Feng Zhang about the role of CRISPR in the fight against COVID-19.
Maya Ajmera moderated a panel on innovation and entrepreneurship with former ISEF finalists Paige Brown, David Holz and Ramji Srinivasan.
Deborah Birx, 1973 ISEF alumna, is the White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator