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Are you between the ages of 15-17? Apply to become a Rise Global Winner in 2024

By Gayle Kansagor

In 2024, Society for Science is thrilled to continue its partnership with Rise, an initiative of Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust. This year, the competition continues its mission to identify talented young people and supports them as they leverage their ideas, energy and initiative to solve the problems facing society and our natural world. The Society encourages all students between the ages of 15 and 17 to apply and seize an opportunity to make an even greater impact on our planet. In fact, everyone who applies joins a global community of leaders, gaining access to a wealth of opportunities from our partners around the world.

The 2024 application closes on January 17 and can be accessed here:

Students are even able to submit the research project they conducted for another competition, such as their local science fair, Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair, Regeneron Science Talent Search or our middle school STEM competition as their Rise project, making the process far simpler than starting from scratch.

The Society is thrilled to see that out of the 100 Rise Global Winners announced in 2023, an impressive seven had connections to the Society’s competitions or magazines. Because the Society’s goals are so in sync with Rise’s mission to empower the next generation of leaders, the Society is working to ensure everyone within our wide network is aware of this exciting opportunity. Rise Global Winners, depending on their needs, have the potential to be awarded a four-year scholarship that covers post-secondary tuition and living expenses. Additionally, they gain access to funding for a social impact project, laptops and other essential technology and more.

A few of the 2023 Rise Global Winners connected to the Society took a moment to share their thoughts on the value of participating in Rise:

SPURTI NIMBALI (Regeneron ISEF 2023)

Spurti’s Rise project, “DysDiag,” is a novel risk-assessment and screening tool for Learning Disorders (LDs) in Children.

Having struggled to find a voice that is ingenious yet compelling, Rise provided the necessary support and validation I needed to understand that my efforts were not only recognized but also celebrated. Being part of a community where each member is unique and diverse in every imaginable way yet bound together by a shared ambition to be torchbearers for a brighter, collective future, is profoundly empowering and inspiring. I eagerly look forward to leveraging my skills towards a future where every child receives an education tailored to their needs and can learn up to their full potential.

“Your decision to apply to Rise showcases courage, and it’s commendable that you believe in the meaningful and impactful nature of your goals. The Rise community is exceptionally supportive, so feel free to reach out when facing challenges. This journey is about learning to appreciate and enhance your efforts, connecting with like-minded individuals worldwide who share a similar path. Embrace and savor the entire experience.”


“I am thrilled to be part of a group of motivated individuals committed to bringing about positive change in our world. The prospect of receiving support from RISE in the form of entrepreneurial funding, network matching and educational scholarships exhilarates me. I am now more eager than ever to continue improving my RISE project—an app designed to prevent, detect and spread awareness about Fatty Liver Disease. Collaborating with other exceptionally talented and driven RISE Global Winners, I aspire to work towards solving humanity’s most pressing problems.”

DIYA SREEDHAR (Regeneron ISEF 2022)

For her Rise project, Diya created HALO—a gender and race-inclusive AI app that guides users through the diagnosis and prognosis of central nervous system cancer.

“Being picked to be part of this global community of young leaders is a profound motivator. It’s a reminder to keep pushing forward in my mission to use technology and science for a fairer future. This opportunity will be an important steppingstone to broaden my research’s impact. I am excited to continue a lifetime of service with the support of Rise’s global network.  

My suggestion for students currently applying is to look at the people in your immediate surroundings and consider how you can make a difference for them. By starting with your community, you can then start pondering ways to extend that impact beyond, to the wider world. It’s about connecting with what resonates with you on a personal level and letting that drive your choices. That’s where the most impactful projects start.”


Chandra founded Aimate, a STEM education nonprofit, and leads humanitarian volunteer teams, notably at the Red Cross. His latest project improves early detection of Tuberculosis by lowering costs and removing access to barriers for treatment.

“Being recognized as a Rise Global Winner is empowering and validates the impact of my initiatives, but, more importantly, opens a door to more opportunities to work on bigger projects and make a more significant impact. I hope to conduct clinical trials in the future and deploy my AI-powered Tuberculosis tool globally, especially serving those in underresourced areas. I believe this is just the beginning with more work that needs to be done; the goal is to make quality healthcare more accessible globally, while also inspiring others and working towards a better future for everyone.

For students applying now, my advice is simple: initiate change, embrace the learning journey, and persist through challenges. You don’t have to be an expert—just start, and your actions will create a positive impact. Expect difficulties and moments of doubt, but remember, the rewards on the other side will make it all worthwhile. Keep pushing forward; you’ve got this!”

VENKATA VARSHITH VADLAMUDI (North Carolina Science and Engineering Fair 2023)

Varshith’s Rise project, “RespiScope,” is a low-cost, highly accurate, easy-to-use and rapid diagnostic tool for respiratory disease detection. He hopes to develop microdevices to help with surgeries worldwide.

“Being named a Rise Global Winner and joining this community of brilliant minds is a tremendous honor. Interacting with fellow winners has already broadened my understanding of issues across the world. A few of us have already started collaborating to address problems like increasing international students’ access to higher education. I plan to attend college next, and eventually, want to work in Congress, developing equitable public health policies that benefit all Americans.”

Aparna Paul