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ISEF 2022 Top 3 winners
ISEF 2022 sponsors
Society for Science President & CEO and Publisher of Science News poses for a photo with finalists during the 2022 Regeneron ISEF pin exchange
Two photos, side by side. Chris Mucha smiling in front of a green background (left) and Chris standing in front of his project board as an ISEF finalist in 1995
Regeneron ISEF 2022 will be held May 8-13 in Atlanta, GA.
ISEF finalists from New Mexico posed in front of an ISEF banner
Dallas, Texas skyline over the arts district
Scenic view of sunflower field against cloudy sky,Lviv,Ukraine
Edna Santizo references a sheet of paper, while wearing a headset and translating in the booth at ISEF
Sheila Porter stands with arms crossed, smiling
Alina Bengert-Lombardi standing outdoors, holding a bouquet of flowers