Top 40 high school scientists in prestigious Regeneron Science Talent Search to compete for $1.8 million in awards

The competition, now in its 83rd year, has consistently identified young innovators who combine their STEM talent with dedication and leadership skills to drive society forward.
2024 Regeneron Science Talent Search 40 finalists - photo grid of headshots

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grid of BCMI logo and headshots of 8 students
Rachel Bergey at BCM Public Day 2019
grid of four images- Broadcom MASTERS 2020 finalists collecting leaves
grid of BCM finalists during JASON Learning challenge
Top 5 2020 Broadcom MASTERS Awards Winners
grid of four photos, students show what their home competition set-ups look like
grid image of rubik's cube, march for our lives, taekwondo and weightlighting
2020 BCM Finalist Grid
This year's top 300 Broadcom MASTERS have many interests, accomplishments and hobbies.
2020 Broadcom MASTERS Top 300