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Go behind the scenes of the first virtual Broadcom MASTERS competition

By Wendy Li

For the first time, the Broadcom MASTERS competition was held virtually this year. Reaffirming the Society’s commitment to judging equity, the Broadcom MASTERS 2020 finalists were provided with rented laptops, high definition webcams, hotspots, professional lighting kits and other technology. The students were also given the same virtual backgrounds, backdrops and T-shirts to wear to help facilitate the collaboration skills they would need for online team challenges. With assistance and detailed instructions from the Society, the nation’s top 30 middle school scientists got ready to tackle finals week and meet each other! Below is a behind the scenes look at what the virtual experience was like.

grid of four photos of students collecting leaves outdoors
Ahead of finals week, each student was asked to collect 10-15 leaves for data that they would later need for a challenge. Pictured: Angela Zhan, Richard Deng, Akshar Cowlagi and Vivaana Haval.
grid of four photos, students posing with packages/boxes they received
Besides tech equipment and challenge materials, the finalists also received boxes to open on specific days. Pictured: Snigtha Mohanraj, Lucas Katz, Rylan Colbert and Anika Pallapothu.
grid of four photos, students show what their home competition set-ups look like
Broadcom MASTERS finalists received fun accessories (and stress balls!) to don and decorate their set-up spaces. Pictured: Madilyne Beaudry, Pauline Victoria Estrada, Shelby Hoobler and Ryan Honary.
grid of four photos, students setting up tech
Tech checks with the Society’s IT department staff helped ensure finals week proceeded without a hitch. Pictured: Sina Kassayan, Anish Bhethanabotla, Elise Rina and Abhijeet Ghosh.

Wendy Li