Bill Wallace and Tina Gibson spoke about how to conduct life sciences research at home.
Maya Ajmera moderated a panel on innovation and entrepreneurship with former ISEF finalists Paige Brown, David Holz and Ramji Srinivasan.
The National Geographic Museum's virtual tour of its Becoming Jane exhibition will be one of the many immersive experiences open to participants in the STEM Experiential Hall.
The Society will be hosting a Virtual Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) program May 18 through May 22.
Linda sent her students all the materials they needed to make the best fried rice at home.
Various Science News articles have inspired student research projects in Jennifer’s classroom.
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Society alumni from left to right: Twila Moon, Sheel Tyle, Kashfia Rahman, Brian Wu and Deepika Kurup.
Two of Samuel's students with bat monitoring equipment on their school’s roof.

Getting batty about STEM

A group of Jeremy's students set up rodent traps.