Mihir Joshi with 3D printed doll
grid image of rubik's cube, march for our lives, taekwondo and weightlighting
Ella Holleran, Lemelson Early Inventor Prize winner, pictured with sister and project
Maya Ajmera receives the 2020 National Science Board Public Service Award.
2020 BCM Finalist Grid
Melba’s students entered the inaugural New Mexico Governor's STEM Challenge and won as state champions.
Organizations that will have booths at the STEM Experiential Hall.
This year's top 300 Broadcom MASTERS have many interests, accomplishments and hobbies.
2020 Broadcom MASTERS Top 300
Ray Kurzweil, Cofounder and Chancellor of Singularity University, Director of Engineering at Google
As a Society Advocate in 2019-2020, Raj Rajnarayanan created a paid summer internship program.
Advocate Debbie Morgan and her students in a lab.