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Ravindu poses with Bob, his test dummy, as they both wear the impact Absorbing and Alerting (iAAA) headband, Ravindu's invention to alert people when someone has fallen and needs help.
Sujan Vijayraj Shadrak won the Lemelson Early Inventor Prize for his work.
Hill Holmes standing in front of a door in his Boy Scout uniform, displaying many badges
Shriya Tailor holding her invention's prototype.
Middle school student, Anna Kilponen, received the Lemelson Early Inventor Prize.
Karthika Hariprasad was recognized as a Lemelson Early Inventor
Om Guin stands in front of his project, a voice-enabled smart pillbox aimed to remind seniors to take their medication
Sophia Westbrook and Oluwakemi Morohunfola
Birds flying near wind turbines
Lemelson2021winner_Melody Yu