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David Kent stands frowning next to the bicycle rack where his bike was stolen
Mushrooms grow out of a leaf-covered log in a dark forest. Photo is from Creative Commons, no credit needed
Nathan Fellars smiling at his computer setup
Middle School student Keertana Jillella stands in front of her poster board, displaying her research project, HawkEYE, which she received the Lemelson Early Inventor prize for.
Lemelson Early Inventor Prize winner 2022
A surfer catches a wave on a lightly colored surfboard while wearing a wet suit.
Om Guin sits at a computer and turns to smile for the camera
Ravindu poses with Bob, his test dummy, as they both wear the impact Absorbing and Alerting (iAAA) headband, Ravindu's invention to alert people when someone has fallen and needs help.
Sujan Vijayraj Shadrak won the Lemelson Early Inventor Prize for his work.
Hill Holmes standing in front of a door in his Boy Scout uniform, displaying many badges