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Amy Chyao, the first winner of the Gordon E. Moore Award in 2010
ISEF Alumni Sidney Chu competed in Speed Skating during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
Planet Earth in space. North and South Americas are pictured.
Michelle Hua won the top award in Regeneron ISEF 2021. She is a rhythmic gymnast.
alum Nathan Wang pictured in front of JHU
Mary Zhu, Society alum
The Society will be hosting a Virtual Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) program May 18 through May 22.
Zoe Weiss
During Virtual Regeneron ISEF, Tina Hesman Saey spoke to Feng Zhang about the role of CRISPR in the fight against COVID-19.
Women in STEM - VISEF
Bill Wallace and Tina Gibson spoke about how to conduct life sciences research at home.