The top 30 Broadcom MASTERS finalist are interested in a number of extracurricular activities including (clockwise) gardening, golfing, photography and equestrian.
The 2022 Broadcom MASTERS Finalists
A surfer catches a wave on a lightly colored surfboard while wearing a wet suit.
A four photo grid featuring images that represent the Broadcom MASTERS Top 300. Clockwise: 4-H symbol of four Hs in a four leaf clover, two people fencing, a violin and sheet of music, a robotic car.
Broadcom MASTERS 2022 Top 300 announcement banner
AMD CEO Lisa Su spoke with Society for Science CEO Maya Ajmera during the Conversations with Maya series
A middle school student explains their research project during the Society for Science middle school STEM competition
Dan Gonzalez is pictured receiving awards for their work developing a video game that can help diagnose mental health issues.
A Society for Science Advocate observes students doing research in a school lab.
Science News Learning
Image shows a grid of book covers including The Words That Made Us, Hellhound, Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality, Paving, Losing the Nobel Prize and Braiding Sweetgrass.
2022 STEM Action Grant recipients