ISEF 2022 Top 3 winners

Congratulations to the top winners of Regeneron ISEF 2022!

High school scientists from around the world won nearly $8M in awards, scholarships at Regeneron ISEF 2022, with the $75,000 top award going to 17-year-old Robert Sansone of Fort Piece, Florida

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Head to our Virtual Science Fair to see all the winners’ projects

2022 Regeneron Science Talent Search Top 3 Winners

Congratulations Top Regeneron Science Talent Search Winners

Regeneron and Society for Science announced the top ten winners of the 2022 Regeneron Science Talent Search, headed by Christine Ye, 17, of Sammamish, Wash., who won the $250,000 top award.

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Watch the Awards Ceremony

Learn more about the winners projects by visiting the Virtual Public Exhibition of Projects!

STEM Research kits including Arduino Starter Kits, PocketLab Voyagers, Trail Cameras, and LaMotte Water Monitoring kits.

Congratulations to this year’s STEM Research Grantees!

The Society for Science names 95 exceptional teachers as recipients of STEM Research Grants to advance STEM learning. These awards pay tribute to the perseverance, labor and critical role teachers and mentors play in supporting future STEM talent and leaders.

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Regeneron ISEF 2022 On Demand Programming

Don’t worry if you missed any of our Regeneron ISEF 2022 programming! Our largest sessions are available on YouTube.


Regeneron ISEF 2022 will be held May 8-13 in Atlanta, GA.

Notable Alumni

Society for Science has unveiled a list of extraordinary alumni of its science competitions who embody the principles of leadership, innovation and global impact. This list of more than 100 Society alumni includes Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, MacArthur Fellows, pioneers, National Medal of Science and Technology recipients, and even Emmy and Oscar-winners. We hope you get to know them and share your alumni story with us too!


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100 Years of Impact

Society for Science is celebrating our Centennial. As we look forward to a bright future, we invite you to explore a century of award winning science journalism, world class science research competitions and STEM equity and outreach with a fascinating timeline featuring historic photographs, founding documents, trailblazing news coverage and more.


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ISEF 2022 Top 3 winners