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Broadcom MASTERS Top 300 thrive in STEM, sports and service

By Rachel Myers

A four photo grid featuring images that represent the Broadcom MASTERS Top 300. Clockwise: 4-H symbol of four Hs in a four leaf clover, two people fencing, a violin and sheet of music, a robotic car.
The Broadcom MASTERS Top 300 participate in several sports, clubs and service groups.

The 2022 Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS are a well-rounded group of students who are not only passionate about science, technology, engineering and math, but their extracurriculars as well. This year’s class comes from 35 states and two territories (Guam and Puerto Rico). Four students currently have a patent pending for their project, 12 are in the process of applying for a patent and 64 are planning to apply for a patent. It may be no surprise that 279 of the MASTERS were interested in a topic and decided to investigate it for their project, with 19 students continuing a project they started previously. Top research areas include engineering (22%), environmental and earth science (15%) and chemistry (9%).

Here are 10 fun facts about the Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS:

  1. 155 students are multilingual, speaking languages including Cantonese, German, Korean, Hebrew and Bengali.
  2. 135 do Science or Math Olympiads
  3. 77 students sing or participate in choir
  4. 160 play more than one instrument, including piano, violin, saxophone, guitar and ukulele
  5. 140 are involved in robotics
  6. 16 are in 4-H
  7. 227 play sports, ranging from soccer and tennis to fencing and swimming
  8. 52 are in Boy or Girl Scouts programs
  9. 65 are in art clubs
  10. 158 consider their project to be an invention

Congratulations to the Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS. Stay tuned for the top 30 Broadcom MASTERS finalist announcement on September 21 at noon ET. Follow the Society on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to learn more about this year’s MASTERS.