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Broadcom MASTERS top 30 finalists stay busy outside of STEM

By Rachel Myers

The top 30 Broadcom MASTERS finalist are interested in a number of extracurricular activities including (clockwise) gardening, golfing, photography and equestrian.
Broadcom MASTERS top 30 finalists enjoy many extracurricular activities outside of their STEM interests.

Broadcom MASTERS 2022 is returning as an in-person competition this year, and the top 30 finalists are ready to bring their A game. From October 28 to November 2 the finalists will present their research projects, participate in team challenges and attend STEM-focused field trips

In addition to their amazing STEM abilities, each finalist has found several creative outlets to help keep themselves sharp.

Here’s an inside look at how these finalists stay busy outside of their STEM research:

  • Several finalists ride horses and participate in equestrian competitions
  • One finalist is a kid reporter for Nickelodeon’s Nick News series
  • Several enjoy taking photographs
  • One competes in golf tournaments
  • Several finalists enjoy creative writing and poetry, and one finalist has even written a book
  • One is fascinated by plants and grows a vegetable garden every year

The top 30 finalists hail from 12 states, many speak a second language other than English and nearly every finalist plays an instrument or is involved in a choir.

We look forward to meeting these talented Broadcom MASTERS finalists in Washington, D.C. next month!

Rachel Myers