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Broadcom MASTERS International Students Close Out Program by Sharing Stories

Broadcom MASTERS International is a companion program to the domestic Broadcom MASTERS that provides a unique opportunity to attend the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for select middle school students from around the world. Delegates participate in a program structured specifically for them, as well as participate in various facets of Intel ISEF. This year, 18 delegates from 13 countries participated in the event.

The 2013 Broadcom MASTERS International program was held in conjunction with Intel ISEF in Phoenix, Arizona last week. Delegates had the chance to participate in a STEM (science, technology, math, and engineering) Learning Day at Arizona State University that included hands-on experiences, lunch with engineers from Broadcom Corporation, and more.

Students visited both the Heard Museum and the Music Instrument Museum, participated in the Student Observer Caucus at Intel ISEF (featuring additional hands-on activities such as “When Invasives Attack,” science relays, and forensic science), practiced computer programming in a Raspberry Pi workshop, and had the opportunity to view the exhibits of and meet the Intel ISEF finalists.

The week closed out with a Circle Ceremony, which provided an opportunity for both delegates and program leaders to share stories about their experiences during the event. Sara Zaidi, a delegate from the United Kingdom, said she “especially liked seeing the finalists’ exhibits and meeting people from around the world, even some places I had never heard of” and that the delegates had become “such a lovely community.”

Saheefa Ishaq, also from the United Kingdom, talked about how she was very shy coming into the program but that it had been a confidence boost for her to meet so many people all interested in science.

Michelle Lim, a delegate from Singapore, echoed the others comments about enjoying meeting so many new people from different places. She had even met Jack Andraka, last year’s Gordon E. Moore Award winner, and had the opportunity to experience some of the culture of the U.S. in social events, like the student mixer dance party.

Mabel Wheeler, a delegate from the United States, talked about what a special experience this had been for all of the delegates and that “there were challenges [during the week] for all of us, but it was good to have to learn to depend on each other and work together.” She added that they had “become close despite language barriers” and that it was touching how willing people were to think about others.

Anna Stewart-Yates, a delegate from Australia, learned how even though both the United States and Australia speak English, there are different words in the two countries. For instance, a wrench is a spanner in Australia. She also mentioned how everyone seems to really like Australians and that “even if you only get to talk to someone for five minutes, it’s like they are your best friends for that time.”

Jacob Newkirk, a delegate from Canada, said the experience was “really special because all of the kids are your same age.” He said he hoped “we can be lifelong friends and business partners.”

The ceremony ended with giftbags being distributed to each participant. The bags included a Nano with armband case, earbuds, and a Raspberry Pi. Paula Golden, Executive Director, Broadcom Foundation and Director, Community Affairs, Broadcom Corporation told the delegates that they had been selected to attend Broadcom MASTERS International by judges in their home county who “knew you had the qualities to get the most out of this experience.” She added that it was “nice to know other people out there who look at the world like you do” and that she hoped she would see many of the delegates returning to compete in Intel ISEF in the future.