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When the moon passes in front of the sun, the moon casts its shadow on the Earth, blocking the view of our local star. This is a type of eclipse (seen here in an illustration).
Six issues of Science News through history.
The book cover for Writing For Their Lives is next to a headshot of Marcel Chotkowski LaFollette framed by blue borders.
An image with all 10 headshots of this year's SN 10 2023
Photo from a 2023 NY Times STEM Writing Contest winner
A stand of trees at sunset reflected over a body of water in the foreground
An educator reading an issue of Science News
Teachers using Science News Learning
Michael Voss - Publisher of Science News and Science News Explores
Cover and inside page view of Science News Explores, a magazine for kids ages 9 and up to learn about science.
A sunset over water with a lone tree towards the right of frame