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Walter Gilbert

Science Talent Search – 1949

About Walter Gilbert

An alumnus of the 1949 STS, Walter Gilbert received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1980 for developing a method of rapidly sequencing DNA. Gilbert’s discovery helped scientists map the entire human genome. Gilbert became a professor at Harvard University in 1959, studying physics and biology, and contributed to our understanding of mRNA. He also co-founded the biotechnology companies Biogen and Myriad Genetics. Gilbert continues to engage with the Society’s research competitions, speaking at alumni events and is a member of the Society’s Honorary Board.

Science Talent Search

For his 1949 STS project, Gilbert developed a telescope-camera that he used to take pictures of sunspots.

Notable Alumni - Walter Gilbert

Gilbert speaking at the 75th STS in 2016.

Notable Alumni - Walter Gilbert

In addition to his work in the field of science, Gilbert is also a photographer and artist.

Notable Alumni - Walter Gilbert