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Gerald Edelman

Science Talent Search – 1946

About Gerald Edelman*

Gerald Edelman was a professor and pioneer in immunology, molecular and developmental biology and neuroscience. He enlisted in the Army Medical Corps in the 1950s and was inspired to explore antibodies and immunology while serving in France. Edelman went on to pursue his doctoral degree at the Rockefeller Institute where he researched the chemical structure of antibodies, for which he earned the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1972. He dedicated his later career to neuroscience, founding The Neurosciences Institute in 1981 and is also known for discovering cell adhesion molecules and developing the theory of Neural Darwinism. Edelman competed in the 1946 STS.

* = Deceased

In the News

A Science News article about Edelman’s Nobel Prize-winning work on antibodies.

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Edelman’s research on antibodies launched the field of molecular immunology.

Notable Alumni - Gerald Edelman
Anders Långberg via Wikimedia Commons