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Colleen Fitzpatrick

Science Talent Search – 1972

About Colleen Fitzpatrick

Colleen Fitzpatrick, an alumna of the 1972 STS, is a nuclear physicist turned forensic genealogist. She worked as a physics professor and developed laser systems for NASA before starting her own laser diagnostics company. In 2005, Fitzpatrick published Forensic Genealogy, formally establishing the field. She founded Identifinders International and the nonprofit DNA Doe Project. Fitzpatrick has solved cold cases, aided adoptees in finding their biological families and helped Holocaust survivors reclaim their identities through DNA analysis.

Science Talent Search 1972

A figure from Fitzpatrick’s STS project about color theory.

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Fitzpatrick has worked with military and law enforcement agencies, as well as other organizations, to solve cases using DNA.

Notable Alumni - Colleen Fitzpatrick