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Thomas Rosenbaum

Science Talent Search – 1973

About Thomas Rosenbaum

Thomas Rosenbaum is a physicist, professor and president of Caltech. He focuses on the quantum mechanics of materials and has conducted research at Bell Laboratories and the IBM Watson Research Center. He has served in leadership positions at the University of Chicago and the Argonne National Laboratory. Rosenbaum competed in STS in 1973 and is a member of the Society’s Board of Trustees.

Science Talent Search 1973

Rosenbaum presenting his 1973 STS project on the structure of ions in the atmosphere. He described the competition as a “formative experience” within his career as a physicist.

Notable Alumni - Thomas Rosenbaum

Returning as an Alumnus

Rosenbaum with the 2018 STS finalists after speaking to them at the Finals Week Alumni Dinner.

Notable Alumni - Thomas Rosenbaum

In the News

As a Society Board member and an STS alum, Rosenbaum is passionate about encouraging young minds toward scientific discovery. Learn more about Rosenbaum’s life and work in this Conversations with Maya interview.