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Scott McGregor

Science Talent Search – 1974

About Scott McGregor

An industry leader in information technology, Scott McGregor began his career as a computer engineer. He helped to design the first personal computers and the first version of Microsoft Windows. Later, he became the president and CEO of Broadcom Inc. and partnered with the Society in establishing the Broadcom MASTERS competition. McGregor himself competed in STS in 1974 and served on the Society’s Board of Trustees.

Broadcom MASTERS

McGregor (left) with Avery Clowes, winner of the First Place Engineering Award, at the 2015 Broadcom MASTERS competition. A passionate supporter of STEM education, he believes “it’s all about getting more kids to touch science and to have a hands-on experience.”

Notable Alumni - Scott McGregor

From the first personal computers to the semiconductors within our modern electronic devices, McGregor has spent his career at the forefront of science and innovation.

Notable Alumni - Scott McGregor
Scott A. McGregor via Wikimedia Commons