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Michio Kaku

International Science and Engineering Fair – 1963

About Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, futurist, professor and prolific science communicator. Considered a co-founder of String Field Theory, Kaku’s research seeks to further Albert Einstein’s quest to understand the “Theory of Everything.” He is the author of Hyperspace, the first of multiple books written by Kaku to make The New York Times Best Sellers List. Kaku also has a radio talk show, Science Fantastic, and hosts the Explorations in Science podcast. In 2008, Kaku received the Klopsteg Memorial Award as a science popularizer in physics. Kaku competed in ISEF in 1963 with a particle accelerator he built in his parents’ garage.

Kaku has worked as a professor and lecturer at distinguished universities and has published more than 70 scholarly articles.

Notable Alumni - Michio Kaku
Magnus Sjöström via Flickr

Kaku was the keynote speaker at ISEF in 2021. He said of his time at ISEF, “It was the dream of a lifetime … I met the scientists who actually built the atomic bomb during World War II.”

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