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Katie Bouman

International Science and Engineering Fair – 2005
Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge – 2001

About Katie Bouman

Katie Bouman is a professor, computer scientist and engineer who specializes in computational imaging. She helped create an algorithm for imaging black holes as a fellow with the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), which captured the first images of a black hole in 2019. Bouman is a recipient of the Electronic Imaging Scientist of the Year Award and a co-recipient of the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. As a student, Bouman competed in ISEF in 2005 and the Society’s middle school competition, then known as the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge, in 2001.

In the News

This Science News article discusses Bouman and her fellow EHT researchers’ ongoing efforts to understand the mysteries surrounding black holes.

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In this TED Talk from 2016, Bouman explains how she and the rest of the EHT team developed a method for photographing a black hole.

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