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Dana Scott

Science Talent Search – 1950

About Dana Scott

Dana Scott is a renowned mathematician, logician and computer scientist. He is known for formulating the concept of nondeterministic machines and for founding domain theory. Scott’s theoretical work has contributed significantly to many fields and has particularly enriched computer science. Throughout his career, he has received professorships, fellowships and honorary doctorates from universities across the United States and Europe and was awarded the A.M. Turing Award in 1976. Scott competed in the 1950 STS.

Music Meets Logarithms

In this video from an event at the Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms, Scott discusses how he played the clarinet when he was younger and became interested in logarithms because he wanted to know why different instruments made different sounds.

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Notable Alumni - Dana Scott
Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms via YouTube
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Experiments in Mathematics

Scott’s achievements are the result of his experimental approach to his work. He has said, “Try to regard mathematics as an experimental science.”

Notable Alumni - Dana Scott
Gaëtan Pelletey, 2021