Advocate Class of 2016-2017

  • Lauren Allgood, in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Oluwatoyin Asojo, in Houston, Texas
  • Scott Bolen, in Conyers, Georgia
  • Dolores Caffey-Fleming, in Los Angeles, California
  • Carrie Cao, in San Francisco, California
  • Mitchell Charkiewicz, in Suffield, Connecticut
  • Sarah Connelly, in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Deanna Cusick, in Aurora, Colorado
  • Alexa Dantzler, in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Sakinah Ellickson, in Iowa City, Iowa
  • Antonio Gamboa, in Pomona, California
  • Shari Harrison, in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Bonnie Lasorsa, in Wareham, Massachusetts
  • Priscilla Lumbreras, in La Joya, Texas
  • Sheila Marquez, in Tucson, Arizona
  • Douglas Masterson, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • Patricia Monteith, in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Lynne Muhammad, in Chicago, Illinois
  • Kelly Norton Pipes, in Wilkesboro, North Carolina
  • Jennifer O’Connor, in Ethete, Wyoming
  • Deanna Pick, in Fort Pierce, Florida
  • Andrew Pineda, in Whiteriver, Arizona
  • Elizabeth Proctor, in Monticello, Georgia
  • Anne Rammelsberg, in Decatur, Illinois
  • Lisa Ranney, in Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Cheri Reznicek, in Maryville, Tennessee
  • Karl Sandeman, in Brooklyn, New York
  • Thomas Schmedake, in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Syndney Stringham, in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Laura Tenorio, in Taos, New Mexico
  • Freda Vine, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Advocates from Other Years

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2023-24 Advocates photo grid
2022-2023 Lead Advocate Cecilie Prine is pictured with her middle school students outside during a field trip.
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