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7:00am, August 11, 2016

He came in a rising senior in high school not knowing what journalism was. And is leaving a Science News internship to maybe, one day, be a science journalist.

Read below to hear about Alex’s experiences interning with Science News.

BEHIND THE SCENES AT SCIENCE NEWS: I’ve always been interested in writing and science. So I figured science journalism would be a nice way to combine the two.

11:42am, August 9, 2016

Get up and walk across the room. Some people don't even think about the task. But 14-year-old Charlie Hall learned not to take mobility for granted.

Mobility assistive technology

Charlie, a middle school student from Wales, United Kingdom, designed a sensor guidance system for wheelchairs after seeing a myriad of mobility issues two of his school teachers face every day.

7:00am, August 5, 2016

Not everyone gets to be called an academic rockstar by none other than President Obama. For Laurie Rumker, it's a typical compliment.

7:00am, August 2, 2016

Brittany Wenger combined medical research and computer science to create a cloud-based service that helps doctors diagnose breast cancer.

7:00am, July 28, 2016

Ben Hylak creates robots of the future, ones that can help nurses provide care. His robots use artificial intelligence, include video chat capabilities, ask patients how they're feeling, and communicate data back to doctors.

10:45am, July 27, 2016

Science moves through thousands of different studies, each taking a different angle on the big questions facing us. Who can keep track of it all?

10:32am, July 27, 2016

Sewing old and young mice together. Killing crabby zombie cells (but not all of them). A biotech CEO who becomes a guinea pig for her company’s anti-aging gene therapy. And the amazingly long lifespan of ... squirrels.

7:00am, July 26, 2016

Not every high school student gets a chance to visit the White House. Even fewer have the opportunity to participate in important conversations with influential STEM leaders while there.

In 2014, Zarin Rahman did just that. She visited the White House and participated in a panel discussion on empowering women and young girls in STEM.

7:00am, July 25, 2016

The White House Science Fair, started by President Obama, acknowledges and celebrates young researchers by inviting them to present their STEM pursuits at the White House.

The White House Science Fair shows "tremendous progress for the scientific community, in a society that showers primarily athletes with praise," said Raina Jain, who attended the first fair in 2010.

11:00am, July 20, 2016

You probably look up words several times a day, whether on your smartphone, computer, or maybe even a print dictionary. It can also help to see real-world examples of how words are used in sentences.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary uses Science News reporting as examples for many of its definitions.

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