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Top winners of Intel STS 2015

March 10, 2015

Noah Golowich, Andrew Jin and Michael Hofmann Winer each received first-place awards of $150,000 at the Intel Science Talent Search 2015, a program of Society for Science & the Public.

Noah Golowich, 17, of Lexington, Mass. won the Medal of Distinction for Basic Research, for developing a proof in the area of Ramsey theory, a field of mathematics based on finding types of structure in large and complicated systems.

Andrew Jin, 17, of San Jose, Calif. won the Medal of Distinction for Global Good, for using machine learning algorithms to identify adaptive mutations across the full human genome. After he “taught” the computer how to recognize adaptive mutations, his system discovered more than 100 of them in real-life DNA sequences.

Michael Hofmann Winer, 18, of North Bethesda, Md. won the Medal of Distinction for Innovation, for studying how fundamental quasi-particles of sound called phonons interact with electrons.

View the press release for a full list of top winners and additional information.