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Science News article wins American Institute of Physics award

October 8, 2014

Alexandra Witze, Contributing Correspondent, won a 2014 AIP Science Communications Award from the American Institute of Physics (AIP) for her article on magnetic dynamos. She will receive the prize in the Science Writing – Articles category for her essay "Spinning the Core," published in Science News.

From the AIP press release:

"Researchers in several labs across the world are seeking to understand more about Earth’s magnetism and magnetism on other planets by creating dynamos, which mimic the earth’s inner core. In doing so, they are hoping to predict experimentally what may happen to our magnetic field, including possible flipping. Current dynamos (or almost-dynamos) are in Latvia, Germany, France, Wisconsin and Maryland. In her essay “Spinning the Core,” published in Science News magazine, Alexandra Witze deftly navigates between the different sites, telling the stories of several struggles and unexpected developments, while leaving the reader as interested in learning more of what the future research will reveal as the scientists themselves are."

AIP's Science Communications Awards have been awarded annually since the 1960's and reward science journalism that broadens the public's understanding and appreciation of physics and associated scientific fields.

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