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SSP Blog

From Broadcom MASTERS to Intel ISEF to Yellowstone; One Alumna's Year

8:45AM, August 26, 2014

Julienne Sauer won a second place award in Science at Broadcom MASTERS 2013 and a scholarship from Arizona State University at Intel ISEF 2014. On our Doing Science blog, she tells us about her experiences competing in SSP educational competitions and her summer expedition to the American Prarie Reserve and Yellowstone National Park.

"I believe curiosity is the most important overlooked trait of a scientific researcher. In 1994, Dr. George Lowenstein from Carnegie Mellon University published an article about the psychology of curiosity. He defined curiosity as the gap “between what we know and what we want to know.” The “want to know” drives us to learn more about interesting topics and to discover what new possibilities can be realized through your newly acquired information."

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