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“Science News for Kids” to Become “Science News for Students”

Since 2003, Science News for Kids has become one of the most popular and authoritative online resources for students, parents, and educators interested in reading about new and emerging developments in science and engineering. Free of charge, it offers the same breadth of coverage that readers of Science News have come to expect. The big difference: SNK’s writers use terms and a writing style designed for readers with a more limited vocabulary.

As part of SSP’s move to a new website this fall, Science News for Kids will be renamed Science News for Students. This new name addresses our increasing focus on providing more resources aimed at curricula in today’s classrooms. But its cool and pithy approach to reporting on cutting edge research will remain the same.

“Teachers have also noted that they have been bringing Science News for Kids to a far broader audience than just the middle-school students we have been targeting,” notes Janet Raloff, the magazine’s editor. “Many high school students also read and use our stories on a regular basis, we’re finding. And some community college science educators say many of our stories dovetail with their students’ needs. In this recognition that not just tweens find our content inviting and useful, we thought adopting a more inclusive name was warranted.”

In addition to the name change, the website will continue to bulk up its “For Educators” section. That department has recently begun offering articles aimed at the needs of educators (such as how to use current events in the classroom and how to perform in-school research on a budget). It also now tags news and feature stories by curriculum unit. The latter should make it easier for teachers to find news stories that pair well with topics being covered in the classroom. Our recent successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised $8,761 from 148 donors, will allow us to finish categorizing archived stories this summer. By September, teachers will be able to find the expanded list of linked stories via the site’s “News in the Classroom” page. And coming soon, this site will alert educators to the reading levels of individual stories so that they can identify which news and feature stories best suit their students’ needs.

“We are making these changes in response to suggestions from teachers,” notes Raloff. “While students are our target demographic, teachers often introduce students to our site. In recognition of their pivotal role, we’ve begun developing material expressly for them.”

Finally, the site will upgrade its “For Parents” section. Science News for Students will continue to provide the quality experience that readers of Science News for Kids have come to expect by featuring engaging, well-written and well-researched stories that not only inform but also entertain.

This fall, SSP will also be introducing a new blog focusing on excellence in student scientific research. The blog, whose name is still being determined, will focus on students from the United States and abroad who carry out the most interesting and ground-breaking science projects and research. Aimed at inspiring, rather than intimidating, budding science students of middle and high school age, the blog will showcase students’ scientific excellence and convey best practices, advice, and tips on how to conceive and carry out high-quality, inquiry-based science projects.

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