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Fun Facts about this year’s Broadcom MASTERS

Hobbies of MASTERS

Last week, we announced the Broadcom MASTERS 2018 finalists. They understand that in today’s highly competitive world, it is important to diversify your skillsets to remain at the top of the pack.  This year’s crop of Broadcom MASTERS possess a wide range of skills and abilities from robotics to equestrian sports! Here are just a few interests, achievements, and qualifications our MASTERS can boast about—as if they weren’t already impressive enough.

13 Facts about this year’s top 300 Broadcom MASTERS:

  • 35 states are represented. California is the highest producing state with 78 MASTERS
  • 254 play sports
  • 253 play a musical instrument
  • 228 speak a foreign language
  • 226 have completed community service projects
  • 154 are involved in robotics
  • 97 are members of their student council
  • 88 are involved in a computer club
  • 72 dance
  • 61 practice martial arts
  • 51 are on school publications
  • 40 have participated in science bowl
  • 21 are members of 4-H, Positive Youth Development and Mentoring Organization

A lucky 30 of these talented young scientists, engineers, and innovators will travel to Washington, D.C. to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS final competition on October 20. Congratulations to these talented students!


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