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Dance around the world with Virtual Regeneron ISEF!

By Gayle Kansagor

Virtual Regeneron ISEF got off to an exciting start with a dance video that took us around the world! We traveled with the Regeneron ISEF 2020 finalists from Azerbaijan to Brazil to India to Puerto Rico to South Africa to the United States. Tune in below to see 136 finalists from 39 countries, regions and territories show off their dance moves.

We are excited to share that this year, we have 1,255 finalists from 56 countries, regions and territories and 44 states who completed 1,030 projects.  They represent 305 affiliated science fairs. Fifty-two percent of those finalists are male and 48% are female. Be sure to check out their amazing projects in our virtual Finalist Hall!

Within each of our 21 different categories, the Society has posted abstracts for each project.  In some cases, the finalists have chosen to supplement those abstracts with photos and videos. 

Virtual Regeneron ISEF was also kicked off with motivating words from Society for Science & the Public President and CEO and Science News Publisher, Maya Ajmera, and Regeneron Co-Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, George Yancopoulos.

Check out some of their inspiring words below:

  • Only when we come together to fight the existential threats against mankind and use the power of science & innovation can we really solve them. – George Yancopoulos
  • It’s not going to be policy; it’s not going to be politicians arguing that are going to solve those problems. It’s brilliant young scientists having new ideas about how to change and save the world. – George Yancopoulos
  • Our world will be looking to you — all of you — to solve the world’s most intractable problems, like this horrible pandemic or whatever comes next. Each of you has the potential to change the world. Please remember that you have it in you to make an impact. You are the stewards of our future. – Maya Ajmera
  • I also feel optimistic in the work being done by young people. I’ve been hearing from students around the world who are doing amazing things, working to develop an inexpensive ventilator or creating a website to enable more people to find testing sites, young scientists are motivated to make this world a better place.  – Maya Ajmera

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Aparna Paul