Virtual Regeneron ISEF 2020 – Day 3

Entrepreneurship was the focus of Day 3 of Virtual Regeneron ISEF 2020, with engaging panels featuring inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs who are also ISEF alumni. The day closed with a terrific panel on college admissions.

Technology is a Force for Good

Katy Knight, Executive Director and David M. Siegel of the Siegel Family Endowment discuss how their foundation supports organizations working at the intersection of learning, workforce, and infrastructure

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Panel

Moderated by Maya Ajmera, President and CEO, Society for Science & the Public and Publisher, Science News


  • Paige Brown, Co-founder & CEO, WindBorne Systems
  • David Holz, Co-founder & CTO, Leap Motion
  • Ramji Srinivasan, Former Co-founder & CEO, Counsyl

From Education to Exploration: Careers that Change the World

Moderator: Andrew Brennen, National Geographic Education Fellow


  • Asha De Vos, World-renowned pioneer of blue whale research
  • Vanessa Bezy, Marine biologist whose mission is to protect sea turtles

Internet Evangelism: A One-on-One Interview with Vint Cerf

An interview of Vint Cerf, Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, by Adam Bly, Founder & CEO of System; Former VP of Data at Spotify

The Great Physics Questions that Remain Unanswered

An interview of Brian Greene, Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Columbia University, by Emily Conover, Physics Writer, Science News

Making Smart Bets on Entrepreneurs

Moderator: Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, Founder and CEO, Instrumental; Angel Investor


  • Hayley Bay Barna, Partner, First Round Capital
  • Sheel Tyle, Founder & CEO, Amplo
  • Gideon Yu, Co-Owner and Former President, San Francisco 49ers and Former CFO, Facebook and YouTube

College Admissions

Moderator: Allie Stifel, Director of Regeneron Science Talent Search, Society for Science & the Public


  • Chris Peterson, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, MIT
  • Brenna Heintz, Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions, Swarthmore College
  • Ingrid Schvarczopf, Associate Director, Engineering Student Recruitment & Retention Office, University of Toronto
  • Taylor Pondy, Admissions Officer, University of California San Diego


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