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Vote for Science News Cover to Win a Reader’s Choice Award

This week, we are trying to win the American Society of Magazine Editors Reader’s Choice Award for Best Cover. The winner will be selected based on Facebook popularity. You can help by liking this cover on Facebook and encouraging your friends and families to do the same. We’re currently in second place in the Science, Technology and Nature category, so please consider taking a moment to vote now!

About the cover: For an essay celebrating the 100th anniversary of Niels Bohr’s revolutionary theory of the atom, Assistant Art Director Stephen Egts created a composite portrait of Bohr out of the simple structure that the physicist proposed – a dense, positively charged nucleus containing nearly all of the atom’s mass surrounded by electrons traveling in specific allowed orbits. Egts colorized an image of Bohr and overlaid hundreds of hydrogen atoms of different sizes and rotations. The spectrum of colors in the background represents Bohr’s breakthrough realization that as electrons jump between fixed orbits around the nucleus, specific wavelengths of light are emitted.

To ensure that your vote and votes from your friends and families count, make sure to vote from this page: Sharing this page with instructions on how to vote on your Facebook wall and encouraging people to support us will also help.

Thanks for your support!

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