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The Society’s new leader, Maya Ajmera, has a habit of making things happen

Spend an hour with Maya Ajmera, and you begin to see opportunity everywhere. As she tells her life story, it becomes clear she has been seizing opportunities since she was a kid. Through the global organization she founded when she was only 25, she’s been creating opportunity for millions of young people around the globe for decades. She frames every venture in her life, including her new role as president and CEO of the Society for Science & the Public and publisher of Science News, as an opportunity just waiting to be developed.

As Ajmera sees it, these are exciting times in science education and science journalism. “Momentum is building — from universities, the business sector, even the White House — that we must aggressively engage young people in science, technology, engineering and math fields,” says Ajmera, who took the reins of SSP in August. With its long history of student science competitions and its 92-year-old magazine, SSP is poised to play an important role in fostering interest in and an understanding of science in people of all ages, she notes.

Get to know more about Maya by reading the full article on Science News, including what brought her to where she is today and her plans for the Society.