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Society receives grant from The Lemelson Foundation

Society for Science & the Public received a $94,928 grant from The Lemelson Foundation to expand innovation and invention initiatives aimed primarily at middle school students. This funding will support the development of an 18-article series, published in Science News for Students (SNS), each year from 2016 through 2018. Focusing on innovation and invention, this series is designed to further inspire young minds to impact the world through science and engineering.

In addition, the Lemelson Award for Invention will be presented to a Broadcom MASTERS finalist annually through 2018. This award will grant $7,500 to a young inventor creating promising solutions to real-world problems.

“The world needs creative thinkers armed with a strong background and skill set in STEM,” said Maya Ajmera, President and CEO of Society for Science & the Public and publisher of Science News. “Middle school is the ideal time to reach students, as they are beginning to form decisions about their educational and career paths, and inspire them to pursue their natural inclinations toward invention and innovation. We are proud to partner with The Lemelson Foundation to further expand our reach to this age group.”

“As we think about the major challenges the US and the world faces now and in the future, there is a critical need and opportunity to equip and celebrate a new generation of inventors. This means cultivating students who have a strong STEM knowledge base, but most importantly, are able to think critically, identify real-world problems and have the creative confidence to turn their ideas into solutions,” said Carol Dahl, Executive Director of The Lemelson Foundation. “This partnership is a great opportunity to recognize and support young inventors who want to use their passion for problem solving and invention to create lasting impact.”

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