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Society Launches New Membership Options and Website

It has been a busy summer at the Society, as we have worked to advance “Society 2.0” – a broad new vision for the organization developed over the past two years and focused on improving how we fulfill our mission of advancing scientific knowledge. 
Central to this vision is our new web presence, which better integrates our competitions and educational programming with our Science News family of publications. While developing a deeper connection between our areas of work, we intend an online experience that will enable you to more easily find and share the news, resources, and information you depend on from the Society. 
Online you will find a new Science News, featuring more frequent updates, fresh insights and perspective on the world of science, and a new blog network. Science News for Kids has been renamed Science News for Students to better reflect our increasing focus on providing resources aimed at classroom curricula; and will anchor a new effort, “Student Science,” to inspire young scientists to excel in independent research including through our storied competitions. 
Of course our work is only made possible through generous support from donors, members, and sponsors. Focusing on the importance of individuals who support the Society, we are excited to announce that now, with each subscription to Science News, readers will also become members of the Society, helping to support the Society’s overall mission. And vice versa; supporting members of the Society will also now receive Science News and access to premium content.
Students under the age of 21 can receive a complimentary membership, joining many thousands of existing student members furthering the Society’s mission to promote the understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in human advancement. 
We’d love to hear your feedback about our new site. Please send questions or comments to
Rick Bates
Interim CEO, Society for Science & the Public

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