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Society alumni named to 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30

These young scientists are starting off the year right. Fourteen Society alumni were named to the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Here’s the 2017 list:

Consumer Tech

Kai Kloepfer (Intel ISEF 2013 semifinalist)
Founder, Biofire Technologies

Geoffrey Woo (Intel ISEF 2005-2006 finalist, Intel STS 2007 semifinalist)
Co-founder, Nootrobox



Ann Makosinski (Intel ISEF 2014-2015 finalist)
Founder, Makotronics Enterprises

Augusta Uwamanzu (Intel STS 2016 finalist)
Harvard University

Gabriel Mesa (Broadcom MASTERS 2014 semifinalist)
Founder, Mesa Foundry


Enterprise Technology

Mackenzie Burnett (DCYSC 2007)
Co-founder, Redspread



Riley Ennis (Intel ISEF 2010 second place award winner in cellular and molecular biology)
Co-Founder, Freenome

Rohan Suri (Intel ISEF 2015 finalist)
Founder, Averia Health Solutions

Vinayak Ramesh (DCYSC 2004, Intel ISEF 2006-2008 finalist, Intel STS 2008 semifinalist)
Co-Founder, Wellframe


Manufacturing and Industry

Jeremy Blum (Intel STS 2008 finalist)
Head of Electrical Engineering, Shaper Tools

Gaurab Chakrabarti (Intel STS 2006 semifinalist)
Co-founder, Solugen

John Capodilupo (Intel STS 2010 finalist)
Chief Technology OfficerCo-Founder, WHOOP



Justin Solomon (Intel ISEF 2005-2006 finalist, Intel STS 2006 finalist)
Assistant Professor, MIT


Venture Capital

Anarghya A. Vardhana (Intel ISEF 2004-2006 finalist, Intel STS 2006 semifinalist, DCYSC 2002)
Senior Associate, Maveron

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