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Science News Writer Earns Recognition for Illustrating Evolutionary Pathways

Tina Saey, a writer for Science News, a publication of Society for Science & the Public, recently won the Genetics Society of America (GSA) Excellence in Research and Journalism Award. The reward honors her article “Molecular Evolution,” which appeared in the January 31, 2009 issue of Science News.

GSA said in a press release that the “article was selected based on its use of a model organism, in this case bacteria, to illustrate clearly the evolutionary pathways and the forces that affect those pathways, including random chance and evolutionary constraints, drift and environment.”

Saey, who has written for Science News for three years and also recently won the 2010 Endocrine Society Award for Excellence in Science and Medical Journalism, said “I’m really thrilled I received this award. It’s a great validation of a lot of hard work I did on this story.”