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Science News launches Culture Beaker blog

Image for blog post: Science News launches Culture Beaker blog

On Friday, April 3, the Culture Beaker blog, where science and culture mix, was added to the Science News blog network. It joins six other blogs currently available: Context, Growth Curve, Scicurious, Science Ticker, Wild Things, and Gory Details.

Editor’s note introducing the blog:

With this post we introduce Culture Beaker, the latest addition to the Science News blog network. Both the blog and its author, Rachel Ehrenberg, have had previous lives at the magazine: Rachel was a staff writer from 2008 to 2013, and for the last two years of her tenure she authored a column called “Culture Beaker.” This blog will be an updated and upgraded version that aims to shine a light on the places where science and culture intersect. It will consider science relevant to the broader culture as well as cultural ramifications of new scientific findings. As Rachel writes, “We all live in the culture beaker, yo.”

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